AR.Drone Firmware

If you would like to downgrade, upgrade, or re-install firmware you can do so at your own risk by using these files and instructions.

Abbreviated instructions:

  1. Download the version you want below. (Don’t change the filename.)
  2. Power up your AR.Drone
  3. Connect your computer to the AR.Drone’s network
  4. Open a telnet session to
  5. type the following:  echo “1.1.1″ > /firmware/version.txt
  6. press enter
  7. type the following:  echo “1.1.1″ > /update/version.txt
  8. Connect an FTP client to Port: 5551
  9. Upload the downloaded plf file to the FTP server (AR.Drone)
  10. Disconnect your computer from the AR.Drone
  11. Disconnect the battery from the AR.Drone
  12. Reconnect the battery
  13. Wait (about 5 minutes while the upgrade completes)



v1.1.3 | | v1.3.3 | v1.4.6 | | v1.4.7 | | v1.5.1 | | v1.6.6 | | v1.7.4 | | v1.7.6

Upgrade, downgrade, and re-install are all done using the same procedure as seen in the video below.

Any FTP client will work. We use and recommend Cyberduck which is available here:

The procedure for Windows is similar, the only difference is the method used to connect to the AR.Drone network and the method used to telnet.

Telnet information for Windows is here: